Just Checking In

by Chris

Its been a whirlwind couple of months. I finished Peace Corps, officially, on May 13th. Flew from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic where myself and three close friends spent ten days saying goodbye to Latin America and each other. Flew to LA to meet all the new little family members who had doubled in age (or just got here, via their birth) during our two year absence. Finally, at the beginning of June found myself in Council Bluffs/Omaha. Since then it has been trips to West Omaha, Des Moines and Sloan, along with an extended visit to New York and DC in hopes of securing work. All the while wondering where I might live, what I should do, and watching the once mighty sum of our readjustment allowance dry up under the hot sun known as Too Much Free Time and an unsustainable, exit only cash flow scheme.

A few things fell into place recently. I will be helping families define and achieve their financial goals in New York City, I get to speak spanish and continue building my cross-cultural résumé while living somewhere fabulous and doing something I consider important. I leave in a few days. I feel a nag inside of me to be anxious about all the change. Will I like the big city? What if work doesn’t “work out” (hey-o, pun)? How will I handle being so far away from my ridiculously important wife?

But, I don’t feel nervous. A funny thing happened down there in Costa Rica. I don’t have time to explain it all here, but it’s effects have been huge for me. I believe things will go well. I know I can solve the problems I will need to solve, build and motivate the relationships and people around me. It’s hard to get at the root cause and effect of what we call confidence, but I found some, and our beliefs about ourselves are overwhelmingly self fulfilling.

So, cheers to following passion over comfort. If I fail, I will do so smiling and at least this time I will be getting paid.