Application Time Line

We’ll update this as we progress through the arduous application process.  Hopefully if any others seeking to be PCVs find this site, this page will help them get a feel for the process.

Step 1: Begin application
September 28, 2009

Step 2: Turn in completed application (with references) and health assessment.
November 24th, 2009

Step 3: Receive background check packet
November 30, 2009

Step 4: Receive e-mail from recruiter with more paperwork and descriptions of possible job placements!
December 3, 2009

Step 5: Send in background check packet
December 4, 2009

Step 6: E-mail extra forms (skills addenda and couple questionnaire) to recruiter
December 8,2009

Step 7: Receive e-mail informing us our application status has been updated (but can’t check the update)
December 11, 2009

Step 8: Receive email containing our usernames and passwords for My Toolkit (update reads “Your recruiter will contact you soon to schedule an interview”).
December 15, 2009

Step 9: Receive email requesting copy of marriage certificate and college transcripts.
January 4, 2010

Step 10: Mail copy of marriage certificate and request transcripts be sent to recruiter.
January 5, 2010

Step 11: Receive email confirmation that marriage certificate has been received and an assurance that “We will be in touch shortly.”
January 19, 2010

Step 12: Receive call from recruiter informing us to get more experience as well as to schedule an interview
January 25, 2010

Step 13: Interview
January 27, 2010

Step 14: Nomination (Eastern Europe, March 2011)
March 8, 2010

Step 15: Receive Medical Packet
March 27, 2010

Step 16:  Stephanie’s Gyno Exam
April 28, 2010 (it takes a long time to get in with her gyno…)

Step 17: Physicals (both of us)
April 29, 2010

Step 18: Continue physicals (TB test and a bit more blood work)
May 4, 2010

Step 19: Get TB test read and go over packets with LPN (still need a few things)
May 7, 2010

Step 20: Get adult polio booster
May 17,

Step 21: Bring proof of booster to VA to add to packet and fax release form to OBGYN for pap report
May 18, 2010

Step 22: Mail in Medical Packet
May 27, 2010

Step 23: Receive notification of receipt of Medical Packets by Peace Corps
June 4, 2010

Step 24: Receive returned dental packets; instructed to have Chris get a mouth guard.
July 12, 2010

Step 25: Chris gets mouthguard, we send in dental packets and receive dental clearance.
August 2010

Step 26: Receive letter from PC Medical requesting that Stephanie have another urinalysis done; apparently the previous one was “abnormal.”
August 22, 2010

Step 27: Send in second urinalysis
August 25, 2010

Step 28: Receive toolkit update notifying us that a decision has been reached about our medical and telling us to look for a letter in the mail.
September 8, 2010

Step 29: Receive medical clearance
September 13, 2010

Step 30: Receive e-mail from Placement and Assessment Specialist asking for updated resume and a rewritten essay
October 7, 2010

Step 31: Send updated resumes and new essays
October 7 and 10, respectively

Step 32: Receive email stating our file was complete and being given to our placement officer
October 12, 2010

Step 33: Final phone interview with PO (PO notifies us we are cleared but don’t have placement yet)
November 4, 2010

Step 34: Notified that Invitation has been sent!  (Central America, February 28th, 2011)
November 16th, 2010

Step 35: Invitation arrives!  Costa Rica, Feb. 28
November 22, 2010

Step 36: Accept the invitation
November 23, 2010